Policies and Procedures


Montefiore Medical Center is committed to the highest levels of quality and ethical standards and to ensuring that all its business is conducted in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and within applicable regulatory guidelines. Our policies require compliance with certain requirements set forth in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 with regard to federal and state false claims laws. 

Montefiore is committed to complying with Section 6032 of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 as well as with all other federal, state and local laws and regulations and ensuring that its billing to the Medicare program, the New York State Medicaid program and other federal- and state-sponsored programs is accurate and conforms to applicable law. 





Thank you for your interest in becoming a Montefiore partner. The best way to contact us is by filling out the Supplier Interest Form.

For all other questions, please email us at suppliers@montefiore.org.

Procurement will reach out to you for additional information for the screening process. The additional information may be used to conduct a Value Analysis on the provided goods, services or products.

Upon completion of the Value Analysis, if your company has been deemed to meet or exceed the quality standards of Montefiore, a New Vendor Packet will be sent to you for completion.

If you pass the initial screening and Value Analysis process, Procurement will reach out to you to begin the new vendor onboarding process.

The process begins by completing the New Vendor Packet, which includes the W-9 form (or W8BEN form for foreign-based companies), Vendor Qualification Form, Compliance Policies Acknowledgement, Master Services Agreement, Acknowledgement of General Terms and Conditions, Tobacco Free and Fire Procedure Acknowledgement, Conflict of Interest Form, and the Business Associates Agreement Determination Form. For vendors that will be handling PHI, a Montefiore HIPAA Questionnaire is also required.

Once the paperwork is complete, Procurement will reach out to you with further instructions.

You can reach us by emailing suppliers@montefiore.org.

Please stay in contact with your Procurement Representative from the Sourcing Team. If you have been successfully onboarded as a new vendor, they will aid in finalizing any contracts and agreements as well as getting any necessary signatures.

Please alert us of any changes to your vendor profile (e.g., new sales representative) so that we can ensure all of our information stays up to date. You can also reach out to your Procurement representative with any questions or updates.


Supplier Diversity 

A Diverse Supplier is defined as a business at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally underserved group. This includes--but is not limited to--small-business enterprises, minority-owned enterprises, women-owned enterprises, LGBTQ-owned enterprises, veteran-owned enterprises, and enterprises owned by proprietors with disabilities.

We encourage our potential vendors to be registered with a national certifying organization that can provide more information on your eligibility. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Mosholu Preservation Corp (MPC).

At Montefiore, a local supplier is a business regardless of size whose operations and headquarters are primarily based out of Bronx, Westchester, Orange and Rockland County.

There are various indicators to measure whether your company is financially sound. Four critical areas include liquidity solvency, profitability and operating efficiency.

The provided three-year Annual Spend/Multi-year Spend by Category in the New Vendor Packet will be reviewed to determine your company's financial position. Further, bankruptcy proceedings initiated by or against the vendor or its affiliates within the past seven years will be examined.

For more information, please get in touch with Procurement at suppliers@montefiore.org.

Certifying that you are a Diverse Supplier with national certifying entities authenticates that you are 51% owned, managed and controlled by a diverse-qualifying group. Not only is this beneficial for Montefiore to identify you as a Diverse Business, but it also opens up doors to networking opportunities across the nation. Lastly, being a certified Diverse Supplier also qualifies you for mentorship and grant opportunities to help grow your business!

Montefiore offers referrals to mentorship programs to diverse and local vendors. If you are a potential vendor who is diverse and/or local, Montefiore provides grants to help your business grow and confidently meet the requirements of becoming a Montefiore vendor.

The Mosholu Preservation Corp. (MPC) can also help you obtain the necessary national certificates to broaden your network and gain valuable resources to grow your business.

We will go through a screening process with a representative of your company to determine if your products and services are suited for our needs. If we are interested in your products or services, we will ask you to complete and submit a vendor profile.

If you have not been contacted for a potential procurement opportunity, either the opportunity has not yet occurred, we do not have a need for the product/service your company provides, or a match between your company’s product/service and our procurement needs has not been identified.